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     Usungilo city Hotel is a newly constructed modern hotel fitted with the latest amenities of international standard offering accommodation facilities. Strategically located along side Mzumbe universities campus of mbeya. Giving you all the comfort and convenience of being centrally located with easy access to Mbeya main business centres. Bus Stand, Market, Regional Hospital, Taxi Stand, are all within walking distance

The direct translation of the Kiswahili word Karibu, is welcome. Naturally, as with most languages, much is lost in the translation. When a Tanzanian uses the word Karibu, it implies warmth, hospitality, and genuine happiness at meeting you. We as Usungilo city hotel  we are happy to welcome you by expressing our word Karibu in our hotel for the stylish and relaxed hotel here in mbeya.

High security

Free Wi-Fi

Free computer for Internet access

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